Bringing Outdoor Adventures, Indoors

As a special Christmas treat, we’re opening Serendome’s doors for some very special nights of entertainment! Book our Christmas experience and enjoy a Kingdom of The Elves session, before spending the evening in Serendome’s Cloud Theatre where The Little Merelf Spectacular will take you on an incredible journey beneath the waves.
We can't wait for you to see what we have waiting for you under our magical, transparent roof!

Opened in July 2019, Serendome brings the thrill of the outdoors, indoors and gives our guests a new place to spark their imagination and inspire adventures.

For you

Something For Everyone,
Whatever The Weather

Wacky racers

Ready, Set, Go


Race against the clock to put together and decorate your very own wooden kart.

Once complete, you will put it to the test against in the Bluestone Grand Prix!


Reach For The Stars

It’s time to climb. Make it to the top and ring the bell!

Learn to navigate your way up the StarCatcher, a naturally grown tree adapted for climbing, with different courses that increase in difficult as you progress. Suitable for 6+.


Vertical Adventure

A unique experience like no other!

SkyWalk is a bespoke, aerial adventure course built over seven towers with 24 climbing stations.


Young Explorers

Designed for little ones.

The SkyWalk Mini is a 30-minute course specficially designed to entertain young children.



Splish, Splash


Interactive fountains, paddling and splash pools.

Enjoy the freedom to paddle, splash and have fun with water.

Sand play

Explore The Caste

Where children are encouraged to use their imaginations.

Puzzles and interactive games with haul up sand buckets, movable features, and a sand play area for younger children.

Imagination Garden

Spark Curiosity

Create your own games and puzzles!

Use large soft play shapes to build and design, in our over-sized garden.

The Cloud Theatre

Outdoor Amphitheatre Under Serendome’s Roof


Adventure beyond imagination

Coming Soon To Serendome!


The journey of the Bluestones

Coming Soon To Serendome!


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